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About Allied EMS Systems: An Overview of our History and Operations

For fifteen years, two ambulance providers served Emmet County; on July 1, 2000 these two providers came together to enhance the delivery of pre-hospital care. Organized as a 501©3 non-profit corporation, Allied EMS Systems, Inc. then reflects this merger, but also emphasizes two other significant areas of partnership:

• Allied EMS Systems, Inc. contracts with local communities in Emmet, Charlevoix, Mackinac, Presque Isle, and Antrim counties to provide compassionate, high quality pre-hospital emergency medical care to residents and visitors alike;

• Allied EMS Systems, Inc. appreciates the need to integrate our communities into an organized response to an emergency. Members of the community need to recognize emergencies quickly and effectively and be able to take steps to intervene while help is on the way.

Each regional facility provides in-house Advanced Life Support response capability and is financially supported by its local unit of government with management provided through Allied EMS Systems, Inc. Our local community ownership, area-specific ambulance boards, community based staff, and concerned, aware constituency enhance our ability to be highly responsive to our community’s needs.

Our Operations

Allied EMS Systems, Inc. currently maintains a fleet of sixteen (16) fully outfitted, custom-designed ambulances. These units are equipped with the latest pre-hospital care equipment available (e.g. LifePak 10, 11, or 12 portable heart monitor/defibrillators with cardiac pacing, glucometers, pulse oximeters, KED extrication devices). Our state-of-the-art EMD-staffed 911 communications center, utilizing the latest in Computer Aided Dispatch (C.A.D.) equipment, dispatches each of our medic units as necessary.

Our Community Involvement

Each year, Allied EMS Systems, Inc. provides:

• over 1,000 hours of training in first aid and CPR (Allied EMS Systems, Inc. is a designated American Heart Association (AHA) community training center;

• faculty and support for EMT-Basic and Paramedic programs;

• medical support for special events such as festivals and athletic contests (over 1,300 hours of uncompensated stand-by services at area athletic events alone);

• staff and leadership for a “Kids Safe Kamp” designed to highlight community emergency services to the youth of our area. This two-day event demonstrates safety awareness as well as steps to take in an emergency situation. State Police, Coast Guard, Fire Departments, Search and Rescue, along with Allied EMS Systems, Inc. take this serious service, mix it with some fun and entertainment, and introduce 90+ area 10-13 year olds to their community’s emergency response.

Allied EMS Systems, Inc. transported over 5,500 patients in 2002, and delivered Advanced Life Support interventions to 60% of those patients. Allied EMS Systems, Inc. also responded for an additional 750 requests for service involving no transport. Our philosophy at Allied EMS Systems, Inc. will always be to provide the highest quality of pre-hospital medical care, delivered in a caring, community-oriented manner.


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